Monday, 11 April 2011


I haven't been doing much blogging lately. My newest work placement seem to be absorbing all of my free time and the journey to and from work seems to take longer everyday.
So far it's not too bad, though it isn't what many of you might expect from one of the biggest UK weekly magazines. Take eight interns, give them five chairs, a tiny office, one computer, and one phone and you get my daily working environment. - Cozy, and, erm, warm.
Thankfully we all get on really well, minus one who's stupidity must be seen to be believed, so much so that I will be doing a post on her 'best bits'. Prepare to be astonished that such a person can navigate their way into such a respected magazine office... but like I said, that is for another time.
We don't really get much interaction from the permanent members of the fashion team which isn't really great, especially as this industry is all about building up contacts and meeting people. I'm not actually sure that they even know our names. It's not that anyone has been mean, we're just on the other side of the office and they simply don't have any interest in us. We are the latest batch of interns, here today, gone tomorrow, and though I don't agree with it I sort of see their point. It must be annoying to have an endless stream of new faces, never staying more then a month or so. I suppose some people would think it's pointless getting to know us, but I would like to think that once I have a job it wouldn't kill me to say good morning or smile in the lift.
As this is the start of week three and little progress has been made sniffing out a full-time post our thoughts in the cupboard have turned to plan b. Five of us are studying, one is on a gap year and two of us have graduated. Some of the girls still in education have decided this isn't the path for them, the gap year girl is trying to weigh up if this is worth it, while myself and my fellow grad are starting to ask ourselves how long can we realistically continue to intern (I'm into my seventh month, she's onto her eighth). The problem is neither of us have a plan b... not even a hint of one. Perhaps we're going slightly mad amid all the returns and credits but possible careers so far have included baker, florist, and fruit seller. Whatever, they make for some pretty funny conversations.
We do keep coming back to founding our own magazine, but sadly we are lacking in funds so anyone out there with a huge disposable income who would like to set up a kick-ass new UK based fashion magazine, my email is in the top corner!
So until I have some kind of epiphany this is my lot, but like I said, it's not all bad, I've met some amazing girls so far - and as we all know young people are the future, so those who let us do their dirty work and blank us better watch out - we're coming for your jobs!

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